Kirsty’s story


I would like to thank yous again for this year award and give yous an insight on what as a family we use it for.

Jessica, 10, has cerble palsy through a stroke at birth and her dad has a rare genetic condition called hemiplegic migraine with mutation ATP1A2 with associated seizures which he now has frontal lobe damage, and is changed to a progressive degenerative brain condition. Jessica sadly this year was also diagnosed with it.

We started a few years back we started using our award for a treasure hunt for Jessica’s birthday, for a few reasons one to make memories with her dad, and also because she’s different we need to find a way to let her know and feel this is her special day.

So her clue always start with leading her to her clothes, then breakfast, with every clue she gets a small gift – can be anything from a packet of sweets to a pencil, the gift Jessica has no real interest in to be honest it’s more the excitement and the joy of where the next clue leads to. So far over the years it’s less to zoos theme parks to a day of a favourite cafes to a golden ticket to spend in a toy shop, this years award is going to an overnight at Blackpool, big blue hotel as she has always loved to go there.

We take videos and pictures along the way for friends and family. Just wanted to share how your award is appreciated and helps us do this every year.