Please note: applications for 2024 are now closed.

What is Take a Break Scotland?

Take a Break delivers one of four short break grant programmes available in Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish Government. 

This aim of the Take a Break programme is to improve unpaid carer’s quality of life, health and wellbeing by providing cash grants to help them access a short break from the day-to-day routine of caring. 

Grants are not guaranteed. All grants are discretionary and are subject to available funding.

Who can apply for a Take a Break grant?

Take a Break can accept applications from unpaid carers of disabled children or young people aged 0 to 20 years old, who have complex additional support needs.

If you care for multiple disabled children or young people, we encourage you to apply for all children as part of your application. See our ‘who can apply’ page for full details.

What can I apply for?

Take a Break grants can be used flexibly, this is to help meet the interests and circumstances of the carer. See our ‘what can I apply for’ page for full details.

When can I apply?

Take a Break is open for a limited time each year, depending on funding.

2024 applications opened midday on Tuesday 7 May 2024 until 5:00pm on Monday 24 June 2024, and are now closed.

How can I apply for a Take a Break grant?

The quickest way to apply for a Take a Break grant is online via our website.

  • You can apply online when application are open.
  • If you are not able to apply online, you can download an application pack and send the completed form and supporting documents back to us in the post or by email. See our contact us page for details.
  • Or you can request an application pack to be sent to you in the post by emailing our team with your details. Please allow 10 working days to receive a paper application pack through the post.

Please be aware that it takes time for paper application forms to be entered onto our system, and for the grant assessment process to begin.

Will I receive confirmation when I submit my application?

All online applicants should receive an automated email confirming that we have received your application. Please check your junk mail for this confirmation.

How long will it take to hear about my grant application?

All 2024 applicants will be contacted with an award decision by email or letter by Friday 12 July 2024.

Please do not contact us before 12 July 2024 for an update on your application, as our teams will be working hard to process applications as quickly as possible.

Why have I been asked to provide bank details?

To help our teams process applications quickly, we will contact you for your bank details in advance of your award decision being made. This is so if you are successfully awarded a grant, we can transfer the money to you as quickly as possible.

Please note, asking for your bank details doesn’t mean your application has been successful.

I previously applied to Take a Break and received a grant, can I apply again?

Yes, you are welcome to apply again. We do however, prioritise applications from those who have not received a Take a Break grant before, and those who missed out last year.

I have two disabled children at home – can I make two Take a Break applications?

No, we can only award one grant per household or family unit, each funding round. If you care for multiple children or young people with complex additional needs, we encourage you to include all of them as part of your one application.

I have forgotten my Take a Break Scotland number

Don’t worry, as long as you can provide us your other details when contacting us, we will do our best to find your application.

How long do I have to use my grant?

If you are awarded a Take a Break grant, you will have 12 months to use it.

How can I make a complaint about applying to Take a Break?

As per the application terms and conditions and data protection statement; Take a Break eligibility decisions are made based on the information you provide in your application. Eligibility decisions cannot be appealed or changed. It is important that if you meet the eligibility criteria, and please include as much detail as possible in your application.