How long does it take to hear about my grant application?
We are now closed for applications for 2018.

I’ve applied to Take a Break before and got a grant, can I apply again?
Take a Break is extremely popular and we are not able to support everyone that applies, as we do not have sufficient funding.  We will prioritise the applications from those who have not received help before.  Unfortunately this means that if you received a grant last year, you may not receive one this year.

I have two disabled children at home – can I make two Take a Break applications?
We can make only one award per household in each funding round. While we can sometimes make a larger award, this is not based on the number of disabled children or children in a household but on exceptional circumstances.

I have forgotten my Take a Break number
Don’t worry, as long as the rest of your application form is completed we will do the rest.

I need to provide feedback from my last grant
Feedback helps us tell the Scottish Government the enormous difference a Take a Break grant can make. You can use our upload form on this website to submit feedback.