Thomas’ Story


Our grandson Thomas, 17 has Aspergers Syndrome, ASD, Tourettes Syndrome, and Severe OCD & Dyspraxia.
We applied to Take a Break for money towards a holiday in Spain. We try to go back to the same area as Thomas has been before so it is familiar to him. We went in the October school holidays this year. We stayed in the resort of Sa Coma, in Mallorca, which is just one of the 4 resorts that run together along the coast it also has a cycle path through them all. Thomas really loved it; he does not socialise easily but loves animals. There is a community of stray cats he feeds and some turtles in a nearby hotel pond he really enjoys interacting with them – we went to see both cats and turtles daily. Even though he has dyspraxia he can manage to cycle well enough along the path, we all do as it is very safe – something he cannot do here in the city as it is too busy.
Having a holiday like this has such a positive effect on the whole family, being able to walk about in the sunshine, change your routine and relieve the stress is great. If it was not for Take a Break, we would not be able to afford to pay the full cost of this holiday. Take a Break helps so many families like ours .