Elidh’s Story


Our family, myself my husband our three sons and our dog Jessie. Had a fantastic break on the breathtaking Island of Skye. We had no internet connection as the beautiful cottage we rented was so remote, which is why we pickedĀ it. We were not around a lot of people so our son Ciaran was never on edge, he was very calm and easy going which is the opposite to how he usually feels. We went for walks, climbed cliffs, played trivia games and even had a face painting competition. We had a midnight walk with a flask of hot chocolate, we saw more stars in the sky then we could believe. We had a day out to walk up to the old man of Stor. I travelled to the ferry by train with Ciaran to prevent his travel sickness, he was so excited and his feelings were overwhelming for him, but he kept a himself in the best place he could, with his actions sitting within the boundaries that social behaviour expects. He said the holiday was alright which I know mean it was a time he enjoyed very much. For the rest of the family it allowed us all to relax, re connect with each other, and most of all enjoy each other again. The holiday was a life saver for myself and my husband as things do get on top of you and you feel you cant breath at times, well this holiday allowed us to breath out and relax and even enjoy ourselves. We cant thank you enough for assisting us with this break, you will never know how much this means to my whole family. Thank you.