Denise’s Story

South Lanarkshire

Thanks to Take a Break, last year we went to Center Parcs at Whinfell Forest and had a fabulous time together! By coincidence our friends happened to be there part of the time and we enjoyed their company, allowing the kids freedom and to play together. The playpark is so suited to my son, being wooden and chunky and easy to grip and everything is within his abilities, which can be tricky at usual playparks we visit. Its a chance to mix and observe other kids and enjoy playing and learning social skills. Being an only child, the company is great and the freedom going walks, learning about nature, doing activities and gaining confidence is very beneficial. We enjoyed the panto, crazy golf and the climbing wall! We enjoyed some lovely meals out in my sons favourite restaurant there too! Lovely to get family time away from the hectic of home life in such a tranquil and safe place! We couldn’t afford this precious time without the help!